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Monday, 13 October 2008

Casino Drive - Oak Tree

The commentary and after comments make it sound that this win was just a stroll. I differ, This race was not a stroll.

It was obvious that the run was needed. The horses front legs and head dropped slightly when hurried by the jockey, although was in hand drive. The after statements are beyond my comprehension.

Obsession with times especially after a 1/2 mile doddle mean nothing and the race became a sprint. A true run race will probably suit Casino Drive. Yet i see horses that can sit on his back and wipe him away?

Seriously good horse tho. So try this one for a saver on the big race - Ravens Pass this horse was run all wrong for ages and when connections allowed a closer running style beat Henrythenavigator at 3rd attempt and sure this horse is better than Red Rocks.

St Paddy


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